adapted bundles

of Content, SEO & Ads

Marketing services in the shape of bundles

Sometimes businesses leave content creation to agencies or freelancers, but those campaigns tend to be pricy. 

This is where RPB Marketing offers its bundles. Our services are only focused on areas of dire need. This platform works with content bundles, such as Market Research, Content Creation, SEO Marketing, and Media Buying in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our packs are affordable and customizable to the needs of each client. Also, if the client needs it, we’d assemble a full content strategy with fast delivery and results.



Market Research

Growth marketing starts with market research.

We do data analysis for websites or social media with SEO. We can also analyze your competitor’s data and develop a marketing strategy.

Market research is the foundational step in understanding the target audience, industry trends, and competitive landscape.

Effective content marketing begins with thorough market research to ensure that the content produced resonates with the intended audience.


  • Informed decision-making based on accurate data
  • Improved understanding of customer behavior and preferences
  • Enhanced ability to identify market opportunities and threats
  • SEO Audit: Technical SEO Analysis, On-Page SEO Analysis, Off-Page SEO Analysis, User Experience (UX) Analysis, Performance Metrics.
  • Competition Analysis: Competitor Identification, Keyword Gap Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Content Analysis, Social Media Presence.
  • SEO reports: Performance Metrics, Analytics Integration, Customized Dashboards, Insights and Recommendations, Regular Reporting.
Content Creation


Content Creation

No brand starts without a narrative of itself.

We do it with texts, designs, video editing, emails, and more. With this, we nurture your digital presence with a story aligned with your identity.

Content creation is at the heart of content marketing. It involves producing high-quality, engaging, and valuable content tailored to the target audience.

This includes blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and other forms of digital content. 


  • Increased brand visibility and awareness
  • Enhanced audience engagement and interaction
  • Higher chances of converting leads into customers
  • Briefing. Client Onboarding, Market Research, Content Strategy Development, Resource Allocation.
  • Content Creation. Content Writing, Video Editing and Graphic Design, Optimization, Review.  
  • Follow-ups. Performance Tracking, Reporting, Campaign Improvement. 
Growth Marketing


SEO Marketing

Your story may be amazing; but, no SEO, no buyers.

We do on-page & off-page SEO optimizations for existing websites and media. We implement technical improvements with keywords.

SEO optimizations are essential for ensuring that content is discoverable by search engines and reaches a broader audience. 

This involves optimizing content for relevant keywords, improving website structure, and enhancing user experience. 


  • Higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic
  • Better user experience and engagement
  • Long-term visibility and sustainability of content
  • Set-ups and improvements: Client Onboarding, Website Audit, Keyword Research and Analysis, Competitor Analysis, SEO Strategy Development.
  • On-Page & Off-Page​: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Content Optimization.
  • Performance analysis: Performance Tracking, Reporting, Continuous Improvement, Updates.
Media Buying


Media Buying

Announcing content to reach new audiences

We launch ads in search engines and social media to grow your presence. We implement campaigns and monitor their performance.

Media buying involves purchasing advertising space on various platforms to promote content.

It ensures that content reaches the right audience at the right time through paid channels. 


  • Increased reach and exposure to targeted audiences
  • Faster results and immediate traffic boost
  • Enhanced ability to track and measure ROI
  • Strategic Planning: Client Brief & Goal Setting, Market Research & Analysis, Media Planning.
  • Creating & launching ads: Media Buying, Creative Development, Campaign Setup.
  • Monitoring: Real-Time Monitoring, Optimization, Reporting & Insights, Reporting & Insights, Post-Campaign Analysis.


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