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All about us is content from LatAm

There is a boom for content, and we create it remotely, sold in affordable bundles, in 3 different languages.

Content determines visibility and scalability on the internet. On RPB Marketing we know that content marketing is imperative, but expensive. So, we made it accessible. We sell it in customizable packages with fair prices.

Want to know about us? This is a platform that creates and publishes content. We create narratives to launch in digital media. We work from Latin America, offering services around the world in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Abou us as strategists

Our mission is to offer content marketing services in the most cost-effective way possible, for any type of project related to online information publishing.

Nowadays, it is normal for some businesses or companies to externalize their marketing requests, instead of creating an internal department (because it can cost a lot of money or because it is not in the internal guidelines of this company). Therefore, we create bundles adjustable to each client, taking care of specific points related to web content.

We are committed to create customizable content packages, specialized in optimization, creation and promotion of such content in digital platforms. We propose these services in a remote collaboration format and available in three different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

About us


About us as a platform

Our strategy focuses on creating and optimizing content in English, Spanish and Portuguese that is backed by data to guarantee results in search algorithms.

We work with content bundles. The idea is that we can operate as a remote platform that offers specific services for a specific area of pain, whether for a business, company or project.

Our packages are customizable to each project. However, we always keep the same 3-step methodology: we do a market analysis, we execute the project and we offer reports with concise and clear data.

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About us as a Latam site

The digital era has brought to light a harsh reality: nowadays, there is a strong digital colonialism through globalization.

Although it is a very dilated, and not so evident, reality, it is a present phenomenon. Fortunately, we can face it. We have created a digital platform 100% located in Latin America that operates from Latin America. Everything that is produced through this service is done by a multilingual Latin American marketing specialist who offers a top service at the most affordable price that is beneficial to both client and strategist.

Our focus is on hand-crafted content creation, handing over to marketing specialists in the region who can offer their services to new international markets.


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