Scriptwriting: a demanded marketing service

Scriptwriting, also known as scripting or screenwriting, is, basically, the creation of scripts. Although it is not a new task in content creation, it is beginning to gain attention in digital marketing. 

It is precisely thanks to scriptwriting that better quality content appears on social media. Marketing depends heavily on content and behind great productions of video and audio editing, there is a scriptwriting process.

What is scriptwriting?

Scriptwriting is the creation and writing of scripts for social networks. What is sought with this craft is to create a piece of written text. It will be stated by a figure in networks such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Spotify. 

Unlike other types of writing, scriptwriting does not necessarily focus on persuasion. On the other hand, it feeds on these aspects to offer a piece of text that has a cadence, almost a musicality, of the written content to later present interesting information in audio and text format.

What scriptwriting focuses on

It focuses on the creation of high-value content, with hooks and attractive elements, for people who consume content in videos and audio. 

Scriptwriting is a new form of social media writing that is heavily used in video editing, podcast editing, and all audiovisual media that create audiences through audio and video.

It should be noted that scriptwriting in social media does not have much to do with the scriptwriting we are used to seeing in documentaries and films. It has a more artistic nature. On the other hand, the production of texts for audiovisual media on the Internet follows the patterns of traditional copywriting but is adapted to new types of audiences, with more immediate messages.

Characteristics of scriptwriting

Scriptwriting has several unique characteristics that distinguish it from other forms of written content production on the Internet. Some of them are:

  • Brevity and consistency. Due to the time dimensions of a video or audio (which are usually very short), the message must also be clear, direct, and self-explanatory.
  • Engagement-Oriented. Scriptwriting aims for the message of a script to make an impression and captivate an audience. The idea of social media content is that it can be engaging and capture the attention of a specific audience.
  • Special effects. Generally, both videos and audio of great audiovisual work have a strong accompaniment of effects. This increases engagement and makes the message more attractive. Therefore, scriptwriting considers these effects.
  • Platform-Specific. Each script changes its writing conditions and they are strongly influenced by the platform on which they appear. Writing a social media script for TikTok is not the same as writing a script for YouTube.
  • Storytelling. Finally, the way we say things depends on certain writing skills. We have to find a way to tell and tell our stories to capture the attention of users.

Can copywriters and UX writers be scriptwriters?

Yes, they can. Although each of them are areas that, at certain points, are dissociated, they have a lot to do with each other. All of them seek to capture the attention of users in one way or another through digital platforms. 

Scriptwriting takes many advantages from copywriting. The cadence of storytelling, content optimization, and the ability to produce quality texts will capture audiences to create their stories. It has become a pivotal part of content marketing nowadays.

UX writing is not far behind. This type of text seeks to answer users’ doubts and concerns concisely. Precisely, scriptwriting creates content that catches the attention of an interested party. It presents them with a message that relieves that concern. 

Ronald Barroeta
Ronald Barroeta

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